Please read instruction carefully


To have your song published, please follow these five important instructions:
Format: Submit your song in MP3 format. Ensure that the audio file is encoded in MP3 and meets the specified quality requirements.
Song Banner: Include a high-quality banner or cover art for your song. This visual representation adds appeal and professionalism to your submission.
Legal Ownership: Verify that you are the rightful owner of the song you are submitting. Ensure you have the necessary rights and permissions to publish the song, including any samples or copyrighted material used.
Song Information: Include relevant information about your song, such as the title, artist name, genre, and any additional details you deem necessary. This helps us accurately categorize and present your song to potential listeners.
Contact Information: Provide your contact details for confirmation purposes. This allows us to reach out to you regarding the status of your submission or any potential concerns.